Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Why Cryptocurrency?

At Carapace we believe in the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As a new financial asset class we also recognize cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, face many challenges on the road to adoption. It is around some of the these challenges we have tailored a set of services (based on customer demand) to do our part in moving the needle in the effort to increase adoption and understanding. 


Our Services


The first step of increased adoption is education. Cryptocurrency is plagued by misinformation and a general lack of understanding. We get it and want to help. Our training is designed to give invidividuals and groups the basic foundation they need to feel comfortable making cryptocurrency decisions for themselves and/or their respective organizations.

Threat Management

Despite our belief in cryptocurrency, we also recognize that where money flows so do bad actors. Ransomware demanding bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment is not new but it continues to be a serious threat to the unprotected. In addition the prevalence of malware infecting IT systems and installing cryptocurrency mining software is quickly becoming a serious challenge for organizations, especially those who rely heavily upon their customer facing websites. 

Payment Processing

The demand for business and stores who accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services is rapidly increasing. We believe those who begin accepting payment through cryptocurrency  will have a significant advantage in the coming decade over those who sit on the sidelines. We help you understand and identify the options that work best for you and step you through accepting your first payment. 

Secure Storage

Securely storing and using cryptocurrency is not as straightforward as the methods we are used to through the traditional banking system. Unfortunately, there have been many cases in the past year that have illustrated how a lack of knowledge has led to entire portfolio's lost, stolen and often unrecoverable. We assess your storage strategy, give detailed suggestions on improvement and when needed assist in procuring the right technology.