There is increasing demand for managed security services because of the frequency and complexity of today's threats, the lack of skilled cybersecurity workers and the increased tightening of IT capital budgets. Carapace Security offers a skilled staff of decades of combined experience to remove the strain on your IT department.

At Carapace Security, we want to assist you with relevant security solutions based on the industry-leading next-generation security platform. We have developed a set of MSSP best practices to help you quickly alleviate the IT strain by providing secure, visible, scalable solutions.

We built our MSS practice with our customers in mind. Based on years of experience as the customer, we understand that a remote extension for security and compliance can be a valued, even profit driven, center for the customer’s business.

Let us help you change the conversation about IT. Our turnkey offerings provide an information security philosophy, that values visibility and analytics.

Fundamentally, we sell one thing: expertise.

That expertise, in turn, builds trust in us on behalf of the customer, and confidence in the solutions we sell. When customers are confident in the security profile of their companies, they can return to maintaining success in their respective markets. This recipe builds long-term relationships with customers, and fuels repeat business in the years to come. The combination of industry-leading products and top-notch, expertise-driven services, will make Carapace a major force in our market.

Managed Security Services

Incident Response

Deployable Incident Response services designed to identify, contain, remediate and implement improvements

Security Program Development

A properly designed security program is key to the fundamental function and operation of any security department or IT operation. Let us review what you have and/or create what you do not.