Security Assessments

Security Assessments

There are many reasons why a cyber security security assessment is valuable to an organization. A limited budget can put those in charge of keeping data and systems safe in a difficult position. Where should the budgeted funds be invested? It may be that investments have been made and an outside opinion can give just the right perspective on ensuring technology is performing optimally. Whatever the reason, we see our assessments as one of the most important core services that we offer to our customers. Our goal is to ensure our customers are protected and stay protected and a properly executed assessment creates a line in the sand and delivers actionable information for our customer.


Our Assessments

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is one of the most common assessments we perform. We work with our customers to look at technology, systems and a broad look at where an organization is vulnerable. We provide detailed reports and analysis on findings and in some cases assist with remediation. These assessments often lead to yearly assessment engagements (optional) where we measure the improvement over time of the organizations security posture.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are assessments that are more specific in nature and typically take place with only a few individuals at the organization aware. The target of this assessment is to "penetrate" the cyber security defenses and gain access to internal data and systems. The reason for the penetration test is two-fold. First, to identify real world vulnerabilities that can be exploited leading to a breach. Second, to assess the organizations ability to detect and respond to a breach. Both the method of the breach and an assessment of the response are reported on so our customers receive clear and actionable information on how to improve cyber security defense and response.

Disaster Recovery

At Carapace we believe a good disaster recovery plan is just as important to our customers as the state of their cyber security. Ask anyone that has been through a natural disaster or a ransomware attack what it felt like knowing the sustainability of their business was on the line. Whether it is assessing an existing plan or building a DR plan from the ground up, we have expertise on staff who have been through these events AND know how to survive/recover.

These are but a few of the types of assessments that exist in the cyber security space. If you have a specific need not listed please reach out and we can discuss your exact need and scope out the right assessment.