Virtual Chief Information Security Officer



Organizations have a strong desire to take Cyber Security more seriously but often hiring a C-Level executive to lead the efforts or senior level expertise is cost prohibitive. This is where our vCISO services option can be a tremendous value add to an organization seeking assistance. 

This option of our professional services is not directed at replacing existing critical staff. This service is about providing the customer executive guidance in building and enhancing the organizations security program.

Our vCISO Service can assist with:

  • Build and develop long-term security and compliance plans.

  • Assist an organization in selecting the right security framework

  • Help with budget and forecasting of security investment and expense

  • Scope and execute 3rd party assessments and penetration tests

  • Build and assist in establishing security policy and procedures

  • Lead security awareness training efforts

  • Provide guidance to executive management or a board of directors

  • Keep the organization informed about industry trends or critical events

  • Assist in establishing a SIRT (Security Incident Response Team)

* Terms of the service are flexible and can be adapted according to the organizations need.